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OUR 2003.

Here is that handy year-in-a-nutshell that'll take you on to pages about each month, each of which is a blatant excuse for me to put up pics where our friends and family can see them and stop bothering us for weekly emails (actually, we don't mind. Really). So, in early 2003 we moved to the Southwestern city of Bristol, and set up in the beautiful Redland area north of the city.


I'M DREAMING OF A LIGHT CHRISTMAS...HIC AND IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. December brings colder weather, prezzie-planning, and a surprise visit from my Dad who makes it out of London for the first time in his life!
ASIA FADES INTO MEMORY... BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY - BUT NOT WHERE WE ARE. And that's a good thing, as November marks our first year away from the megalopolis of Seoul...aaaaaah.
PAINSWICK CHURCH AT 'THAT' TIME OF YEAR... INN-SPIRE-ING. October delivers the goods when it comes to Autumn colours. Not exactly as spectacular as that in the Far East, but beautiful anyway. And we liked it. We keep hearing that Bristol gets almost no snow. Still, we plan to do some dry-skiing anyway. More here..
COTSWOLDS LANE SEPTEMBER STUFF. As the summer started to wind down, we found ourselves spending a little more money on things. Like getting our Rover fixed after it was rear-ended on the motorway...and other things. More...
WITH THE BROTHERS IN BATH... AUGUST BODIES. The UK's hottest summmer on record (not that we Africans really noticed it) and the opening of the newly-refurbished Roman baths in the centre of the city about two blocks from where I worked. In Bath, that is. Speaking of bodies,  two of my brothers were in town for a gig so we took the chance to stroll around my part of the world. There've been some changes on the personal front: I've also started playing soccer with my work team, which means that I've been shocking Laetitia by coming home in sports kit for the first time in our married life. Beats the high heels and whips...
STATISTICAL MIND-BOLLOCKSERS! JULY - ENGLAND FRIES. How many times have you seen a double-yoked egg? Not many. If you have, try and work out the odds of finding THREE double-yolked eggs in the same half-dozen carton! Here's proof that it can happen. And also a nifty way to bring up the 'summer' of 2003: a time of new work experiences, a 'heatwave' (not for us), and lots of very nice things being done.
THE NOT-SO-INCREDIBLE HULK - AND HER MAN (HEE HEE) JUNE KNOW WHO HE IS? Don't make him angry - you won't like him when he's angry. June saw me change jobs (for a more team-based environment), paint my face (for a party), and think about all the international travelling we won't be doing (for a change).
DEVON WEEKENDS MAY-DAYS. (Yes, I had to). Even though the weather had hardly warmed up, we still squeeze ourselves into T-shirts, and icecreams into our faces. A couple of visits to the South coast where Derek - friend and ex-colleague from Korea - lives.


APRIL: CARS, BARS AND SARS, AND A PHOTO BRINGS HOMESICKNESS. Not really. Though we DID have some really nice things to recall as our wedding anniversary #11 rolled around, so did things vehicular in our driveway (well, that's where we'd've parked them if we actually HAD one), plus global sniffles and sneezes.


MARCH-ING WEST - ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER CITY. After taking newly-arrived brother Darrell around to a couple of touristy-type spots, Laetitia and I move from London to Western England near the Welsh border, and take possession of a flat in the historic Redland area of Bristol, where we intend to spend quite a while. See more here...

TANKS FOR FLYING CONCORDE! FEBRUARY FEARS. (ARE WE BIN OVERLADEN WITH HASSLES)?. Terrorist alerts shut down transport systems and add a certain frisson to life in the Big Smoke. Makes it difficult when one works out of Heathrow Airport. We also have major snowfalls, which do nothing to prevent yet another of my brothers from joining us in the U as Darrell arrives for his first European trip.
TOLL-LAKES? JANUARY - IT'S LAKER TIME. Old friends from back in SA come to the UK for a while, and we visit them up in the Lake Districts for a very decent weekend. See here...

 LINGUISTIC NOTE: It's often the case that we South Africans forget about our own distinct brand of English, and when that happens, we just go to this site and everything disappears in a haze of homesickness. Agh, siestog. And we're not the only ones: seeing that we live in Bristol, it's only logical that we give you a good introduction to the unique variety of English spoken here so off you go to the well-known satirical website That Be Bristle for a heads-up.

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