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October 2003

The leaves It's Autumn, see.

AT WESTONBIRT ARBORETUM A TALE OF TWO SEASONS. Last Autumn was just getting going as we left Korea and now it's kicking off very nicely here in the UK too. We spent a day  with in-laws Phil and Joanne near Prince Charles' country estate at Highgrove enjoying the seasonal colours. And beer, naturally, later




IN OTHER NEWS... October saw me start a new job much closer to home which doesn't involve long commutes. Brilliant. Now all we have to do is get rid of that second car. Hmph. Can't PAY someone to take it away. Our street began to look quite spectacular - until, that is, the bloody local Council sent its squads of neon yellow-jacketed skinheads to sweep all the leaves up! Something about 'Health and Safety' or similar - 'can't have people slipping on them, now, can we"?!. The locals are often treated like 'big girls blouses' (that's another way of saying 'sissy'). That's one of the things that we see here: no-one seems to be encouraged to take responsibility for themselves. Very 'nanny state'-ish. OUR AUTUMNAL STREET
REAL SAUSAGE! LOAD OF COIL. Every now and then, the family back in Umtata send us pictures of things which we don't get enough of. Like boerewors. It does tend to make us a tad homesick for one reason or another - despite the fact that we've found a bloody good boerie butcher here in Bristol's Clifton Village. For a good look at South African English and other things which remind us that we're quite distinct and almost special (but not as in 'SPECIAL class'), have a look at this really good website...
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