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MAY 2003

So we visit an old colleague from Korea at home in the Southernmost port of Plymouth, and er...nothing earthshattering. Apart from the glorious countryside, the enjoyable company, the dollops of artery-hardening cream that we ate with everything - including our icecreams. 


DEREK AND US AT SHAUGH BRIDGE OUTSIDE PLYMOUTH. We all used to work together in Seoul, Korea in 2001-2 and even did some skiing together there as tourists. This time around, L and I were the tourists in Derek's home turf, and he took us around the area on a comprehensive tour of local beauty spots and icecream vendors. Bad, bad person. He even has the same kind of car as Laetitia, but HIS Pug is considerably cleaner. Plus, it's a sports version, 'cause it's red.
MOOR THE MERRIER?  Derek lives on the fringes of Dartmoor, probably the country's most well-known Moor because of its notoriously tough Napoleonic War-era prison. More than 1500 convicts are buried in the huge graveyard beyond the walls.  DARTMOOR PRISON - CHEERFUL
HOW WE MISS THE CONCRETE, NEON AND SCOOTERS FIELD DAY. The prison is not too far from Burrator, which has a very nice lake. We drove around it after we'd found a nice field, stared at some Magpies, and arbed around for a bit. Next, we almost drove around another village. Almost. See, the moment we saw what it was called, we had no option but to stop for a pint to mull over the name of the place: "Leg O'Mutton". We kid you not.
WOTALOTACLOTIGOT! (Work it out). Devon and Cornwall are famous for clotted cream, an amazingly thick concoction which has to be consumed in liberal dollops with scones and jam. Oh, and the tea. We got stuck into some around the corner from an old RAF Fighter base and the occasion was made more memorable by the amazing ability of Derek to 'pull birds'. See, halfway through our tea, an old woman started serenading him with old showbiz songs at our table. Sweet but clearly senile, she finally wandered away (to Derek's disappointment, natch - ha ha).


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