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The Lake District.

January 2003 - we visit old friends in the Lake District...

The first weekend of 2003 was spent with friends of ours from East London in SA, who are staying here in Britain in the town of Kendal in the heart of the rather un-ugly Lake District.  Kevin Potter and his wife Gaye gave us a great intro to this excellent part of the world, so many years after Kevin - always the natural publicist - gave us a similar heads-up when we first moved to the city of East London in SA where he and I worked together on radio in the early to mid 1990s (he's still doing it).


Kendal itself is a very old market town where we spent a great few days ambling across ridiculously picturesque meadows and up impossibly postcardish hills to goggle at preposterously pretty views. There was snow, there was home-baked gingerbread, there was real ale and Yorkshire pud in 400 year-old pubs in the warmth of ancient hearths. Hated it, hated it.

ONE OF 'THOSE' VIEWS WHICH JUST EAT CAMERAS This is a view of an outlying part of Kendal on the other side of Castle Hill. Look carefully and you'll see the snowy hills...which are alive with the sound of sheep.


Time of the signs...

Kevin was our driver for the weekend, and it was interesting to see that his previous 'pirate taxi' mania had been forgotten in the thrill of discovering a new bugbear: 'Pay and Display' signs. They really ARE everywhere - not even the lakes are safe from this curious demand.
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