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JUNE 2003

So the weather gets almost summery and we spend time away on weekends, either in the Cotswolds or - er - not. 

PAINSWICK. NOT ENTIRELY USELESS AS VILLAGES GO. PAINSWICK. The epitome of the kind of village which should be on a postcard rather than have sheepcrap all over it, this is where Laetitia's brother and sister-in-law live. And where we spend the occasional weekend, 'cause it's in the Cotswold Hills which are only 40 minutes away from our front door. Zoom.
NOT DOG PEOPLE. Despite the fact that we are cat people, we found a very nice sunlazing companion in 'Bolly', a dog that belongs to the neighbours of L's brother and sister-in-law. L dug the sun here, while the dog did what dogs do. Er...what IS it that they do? I forget. Must be a point to them. Isn't there? (Answers on a postcard...) L AND BOLLIE ON THE LAWN
ON A RAMBLE SOMEWHERE IN - ER - NATURE RAMBLIN' MAN. Building up a bit of a tan, as well as an appetite for an immense braai (or "barbeque" to the uneducated), we strolled through fields of piled strawbales, frisky rabbits, and pancaked cowcrap. Aah, the country.
AND SO TO BRAAI. Having got hold of a coil of really good boerewors (coriander-stuffed trad SA farmers' sausage) from a local butcher here in Bristol, we had no option but to do the right thing and end its days over a sizzling bed of coals, accompanied by the fizz of beers being opened. Makes summer almost worth it. And not a squatter or a manic ostrich in sight. Should have worn a hat, though. Ouch. BRAAIPLEK!

JOB LOT. As of June, we've also both started looking for other jobs with a more sociable component. Doing what we're doing (recap: L's in Social Care and I'm sole regional rep for a media company), we're both feeling the lack of normal everyday interaction with a group of colleagues, so there are changes in the offing. Watch this space...


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