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Well, things got warmer. As Spring hit, the local weather people raved about the 'hottest Spring for half a century' and temps climbed to the mid 20s. A week later, it was ten degrees colder. No wonder everyone is freaking out about SARS because we're all getting colds.(SNIFF)

SPRING PICS. When the weather's good, I just HAVE to go and take pictures. This 250 year-old Church is really nice in almost all weathers, and looks brilliant with the greenery and blossoms of Spring around it. I reckon I should sell this photo to the local tourist authority - could make me a few shekels...

Or not. Anyhow, you get to see it first.


WARS. Got into a taxi the other day on my way to catch a train to London and noticed that the driver looked like a Middle Eastern bloke, plus he was listening to war reports on the BBC, so I asked him if he was from Iraq. He was, from Baghdad, so we chatted about the situation and he was all for the overthrow of Saddam, whatever the cost. Not too much later, this thing in Iraq - whatever it later turns out to be - seems to be over bar the shouting (which would probably be something along the lines of "Roll up, roll up! Ancient Sumerian scrolls going cheap here!"). Amazing that there are people who moan about the 'imperialist pillaging of cultures by centuries of Western museums' exploitation" but then go ahead and loot their own society back into the stone age. An interesting future beckons, especially since there's really nothing to remind them about their past anymore. 

SARS. Nothing to sniff at. There's no way that anyone can just laugh off a runny nose and a gobby cough anymore but, for God's sake, cigarettes kill more people every day than this new virus, and you don't see people stopping suspected smokers from getting onto aeroplanes, do you?. Mind you, there's a concept... 

BARS. My work takes me into bars, restaurants, clubs etc and it's really nice to get an inside track on the kinds of places that I'd be quite keen to eat, drink and otherwise be merry in. I'm back in my black suits but this time I'm out of the waistcoats and the ties - a concession to a slightly less formal attitude. That, and the beers. 

CARS. We've bought ourselves two cars. L's gone 'a la Francais' with a Peugeot 205 and I've taken a more patriotic route with a 16 valve Rover. Why two cars? Well, it's a sound decision: Laetitia hates in-car music but I have to have it, so... OUR TWO CARS-AND ONE WIFE...
APRIL 2001 VIEW FROM OUR TABLE ON PHUKET, THAILANDAPRIL 2002 AT MINGDAEHON IN INSADONG, SEOULAPRIL 2003 AT THE GLASSBOAT ON THE WELSHBACK CANAL, BRISTOL IT'S ABOUT THAT TIME. Every April is our anniversary, and we do our best to seek out interesting places to have dinner for the occasion. Two years ago it was the Boathouse on Phuket Island, Thailand. A year later, the Mingdaehon in Seoul's arts and antique quarter of Insadong, and this time around it was the Glassboat on the Welshback Canal in Bristol. All really nice places with a unique buzz and that's what we like. 

So that's eleven years so far. Not a bad start.


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