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We now live in what was voted 2002's Best UK City. You can Visit Bristol yourself, and if you have a fast connection, try out these Virtual Panoramas of the place.

In the middle of March, we wrapped up our list of 'Things-To-Do' in London and headed to the West county of Avon, across the Severn River estuary from Wales, where we found ourselves a very nice flat in Redland, a swish northwestern area of Bristol. (Find out more about the city by having a gander at a very interesting historical overview).

OUR AREA: REDLAND. Two pics of our new 'burb. The first shows the building we live in, while the second is the Redland Hill Parish Church which is just behind our street, and right next to our local Bowls and Squash Club. We only plan to attend the one. Redland is really one of the nicest areas we've ever lived in. It's old but well looked-after, hilly, and quiet. There's not a 7-11 in sight (which we must admit to actually missing when the late-night munchies hit), nor are there whizzing scooters, flickering neons, blaring hooters, singing early morning drunks, or eardrum-searing blue-truck vendors using megaphones to trumpet their wares. The nights are dark, still and uninterrupted enough to drive all our Seoul friends out of their heads with boredom. But we love it.

GRAB THE HARPOON, MATEY! I SEE WALES! Actually, spelling aside, this is true. From the hill in front of Redland Hill Parish Church, you can look across the Severn on a clear day and enjoy an eyeful of the rolling Welsh hills across the estuary.


WEBCAMS. There are a couple of live Bristol webcams to have a look at here. You can also see a collection of Redland (where we live) photos on the local BBC website here.

IN-SPIRAL CAR-PITS. Yes, not having a car was the pits when touring the surprisingly copious number of spired antiquities in Bristol. This place is in the running for 'European Capital Of Culture' in 2008, so there is a whole lot of trad stuff to enjoy. Trouble is, buses here are not too thick on the ground, so it makes having a car a must, but THAT had to wait another couple of weeks. For the moment, we simply saw what we could walk to, muttering things like "Gosh, isn't that an interesting medieval...BUGGER - my feet are killing me!" OUTSIDE BRISTOL CATHEDRAL


KYLE'S BATH TIME. THINGS CHANGE. Within a fortnight of getting here, we'd got quite a few things done, including buying a TV, more furniture, and no less than 2 cars (our first 4-wheeled vehicular purchase for 9 years). This gives us a luvverly mobility which we use to travel around this brilliantly picturesque region, including visits to the nearby city of Bath and the Cotswold Hills, as well as to Wales. 

US FOR WORKS. We also quickly found ourselves new jobs. Laetitia is continuing her Social Care career, while I started working in media again as a Commercial Manager for a company that publishes the UK's biggest range of City Guides (



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