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July 2003

Our July was moderately eventful on a small scale with castle sieges, career shifts and some geographical juggling as I begin daily commutes to work in the nearby city of Bath.


On the Royal Crescent in Bath, the nearby city where I now work for a large publishing company in their advertising department. It's really one of the world's most lovely cities, and a great place to visit. If you risk embarrassing yourself in toffee-nosed company by admitting that you don't know much about the place, sort this out by reading about the best of Bath here... 


Remains of the day...Berkeley Castle.

The Southwest of England is scattered with castles, especially along the Welsh border. Perhaps the feudal lords had read their Nostradamus and chucked up these old piles to keep future generations safe from the predicted evils of the mysterious and much-foretold coming of Tom Jones... 

A BIRD IN THE HAND.  Anyhow, we spent a very pleasant day at Berkeley Castle (visit their website), where a huge mediaeval festival did a top job of luring the locals from their TVs. For a day, their usual diet of microwaved curry dinners, sports channels and endless reruns of bloody soaps was pushed aside in favour of  jousting, castle siege re-enactments and avoiding regiments of clanking knights. We also had the chance to get close to hunting falcons - but not too close.

ALL IN A KNIGHT'S WORK. Laetitia generally did her best to keep away from the cannon fire and the yelling hordes. However, she's always liked a man in uniform. Especially when she gets the chance to wield a broadsword - though not in a very swashbuckling manner. It's actually worth remembering that these suits of armour were bloody heavy, and that men-at-arms (armoured footsoldiers) would often die of exhaustion or heatstroke on the battlefield. Try explaining THAT to a Zulu impi... LAETITIA LETS HER GUARD DOWN...



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