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Autumn does its thing as we get into winter wardrobe mode and out of our "2-car" situation... 


THE VIEW FROM MY WORK WINDOW IN 2003 CHANGING WORK VIEWS...Seoul's prestigious Kangnam on the left, Bristol's no-less desireable Redland on the right, THE VIEW AT THE END OF 2003

ANOTHER STUDY IN CONTRASTS. The view from my work window has certainly changed. We wrapped up our Korean contracts in 2002 as the world's 5th-biggest city pulsed outside where I spent my 9-to-5 (actually, my 1.30-to-9.30), while a year later sees us facing the end of 2003 with a distinctly less frenetic pace of life evident from my desk.


RADIO STUDIOS BECKON AGAIN... SS-SS-STUDIO! Since I last worked in the broadcast radio industry back in 1997 (bloody hell - it's been a whole SIX YEARS!!!), I've not done anything radio-related, apart from the online expat net-only station I set up in Korea in 2002. Well, that's all changed from here on because I've joined the local hospital broadcaster BHBS. Hospital radio is a hugely-important part of the industry here and is how many well-known commercial DJs got their first break. It's really nice to be surrounded again by people who are manic about radio, and it reminds me a bit of when I was at our campus station RMR back in the late 80s and early 90s, and then working to set up new stations in South Africa. Though I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't really difficult to take a back seat in an industry I know so much about. Once a guy's been part of a team that's driven a station, it's strange to be just a drone, but at least it's the right kind of drone, and I like being part of the radio buzz again so bring it on!
MORE FAMILIAR FACES. Quite a lot of our last month-long holiday in Thailand was spent in the company of a couple who were staying at the same holiday place, and who also proved to be keen on long-term, poolside vegetating. Harry and Jelena have now moved to Bristol for a year, and we took them to a super pub in the hills overlooking the valley in which the city of Bath nestles. It was a completely decent afternoon, and yet another reminder of how the world has shrunk: the last time we saw them, we were touring the west coast of the island of Phuket together, twisting along palm-lined beachside roads on rented motorbikes on the other side of the world. Now, it's the west coast of England. Globetrottaz roool! WITH JELENA
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