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Darrell Arrives (Feb 2003).

In February, yet another Hannan arrived in England: Darrell makes his first European landfall and gets ready for his first experience of life on his own ...

LOOKING FOR QUEENIE! AN ENGLISH(WO)MAN'S HOME IS HER CASTLE. A few days after landing, we took Darrell for an introduction to one of the country's prime tourist spots, Windsor Castle. The Queen usually lives there, but we didn't have time for tea in her chambers because it was time for a pub lunch instead!
THE BEATEN DOCKET. There is a chain of pubs in the UK called Wetherspoons which offers an unbeatable selection of real ales, decently-priced pub grub, and does all of this without music being allowed in their premises. After the bedlam of Asia's bars, this is bliss. On a day when Darrell and I were driving around where we used to stay in NW London, we took the opportunity to graze at the Wetherspoons 'Beaten Docket' on Cricklewood Broadway. His 2nd pub lunch - it was already becoming a habit. THE PUB GRUBS
JUST A SMALL LOAD, THAT'S ALL. GIG-A-BUT!  My brothers' band, Lumiere, had a gig to do but their hired car (which they'd arranged weeks in advance) was not ready in time, so I was honorary chauffeur for the night. This was fine, and it gave me what was only my second late night out since arriving in London three months beforehand! Trouble is, I was the one driving, so no vodka with my Red Bulls. The bands were good and the crowd was nice, so naturally we couldn't stay as - yep, you guessed it - we had to take the band equipment home.  Oh well, some other time, I suppose. As we ARE in the cultural centre of the English world, it can't be long before I get the chance to experience some of it at MY leisure, can it? (Answers on a postcard, please).
A CAT IN THE HAND IS WORTH, ERM... In late Feb, we house-sat for old Varsity friends of Laetitia's, and met their cats. They warned us that the animals were picky, and could be remote with people they didn't know, even 'stuck up.' Zigackly. This was really convenient, as it fitted perfectly into our schedule, giving us two weeks to relax between the end of our rental contract at our place in Kilburn and the beginning of our lease at our new place in Bristol, which is where we moved to next. A STUCK-UP CAT.
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