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OUR 2005.

The year so far.  Click on the pictures below for more...


Don't be misled by the Buddha - we haven't come over all spiritual. It's just that we have a statue in our living room and it looks quite good in the right light, see. It's also a nifty way of hinting that the three months of 2005 were filled with a lot of good stuff, especially the arrival of many old friends who've now made our part of the UK their new home.



Our busiest month in the history of the world ever is followed by - er - one not as busy. Thank God for balance.



We sign the papers, move house, change towns, turn 40 and go on our first holiday abroad in three years - all in less than two weeks!


We decide to start the long process of becoming homeowners, though a stint in the flooded mudbath of the Glastonbury Festival does intrude...


Spring brings better weather and a decision to move out of Bristol.


Food and housing as we break bread with one of our oldest friends and decide to buy a house.


After a long illness in East London, my father-in-law 'The Prof' passes away.


I had really bad skin for a while earlier this year (but it's better now) so I stayed home while another brother becomes the first Hannan goes to South America for the first time.



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