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May - July 2005  

Our home purchase continues its slow resolution, some good friends move their son from Cape Town to Bristol, and I go to the Glastonbury Festival for the first time to help run their official radio station.

OLD FRIENDS MOVE THEIR SON TO BRISTOL. We first met the Devenneys when we all lived in East London in the early 90s, where I worked at the SABC with Fiona while her husband Frank ran the local casino. Now he runs them in Moscow, and their son Frankie has just moved to Bristol to study. Here we are at dinner at our flat, welcoming them to town with a very rare (for me) glass of alcohol. Because I am allergic to it. Nice.   With Frank and Frankie at dinner
GROWING UP IN BRISTOL. NOW. The last time we saw Frankie was when he was about ten or eleven, during 1997-97 when we were living in Cape Town and used to drive him to and from school. Now he's a licensed pilot and here in Bristol to study. One day we'll put in for those long-distance flight discounts with the man... IN LEIGH WOODS

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL 2005. Some people take a fortnight off to hike in Tibet, or go scuba diving in Bali. I spent most of my main leave at the world's biggest live music festival, Glastonbury, helping manage their official radio station RADIO AVALON. I helped run their FarmHouse studio and handled the Unsigned Bands shows and their live gig broadcasts. Almost no sleep, record-breaking rainstorms, brilliant people and eight days living in a tent. Only got to see ONE gig too! Fantastic experience which you'll read more about on their official site's Radio Avalon page. In case you're wondering, the cap WAS too small...just shows you that, if the cap DOESN'T FIT, I'll wear it anyway.



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