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August 2005 

quite probably the most intensely busy month we can remember as we finally complete the house purchase, move, go on our first holiday abroad in three years, and TURN 40 all in the space of ten days!!!


our new neighbourhood    August was busy, not to lay too fine a point on it. We were finally able to wrap up all the paperwork (required because we're still officially 'foreigners' here) and actually buy our own place for the first time in our lives. This meant moving out of Bristol to the small seaside resort town of Weston-Super-Mare about 25km south along the M5 motorway and coping with the daily commute but it's really not as much of a problem as we expected. Getting up an hour earlier IS.

WE BUILD THINGS working flat(pack) out   Years of living in the Far East made it impractical to bring back bulky furniture so we had to catch up FAST when the time came to move into our own place. Much time and money was spent on getting the entire house kitted out, and what wasn't delivered was carried into the house by yours truly in flatpacks, boxed kits of furniture etc which we then had to put together ourselves. Luckily, we had the help of friend's son Frankie, instruction manuals and a whole load of new tools, and we finally looked up to see a house full of new furniture, none of which we owned even a week beforehand!

colleagues    It's a strange fact that I've not actually put much on this website about work or workmates, so it's time to remedy that with a quick aside. Earlier this month we had a group day out to the horseracing in Bath followed by an evening of pub crawling including a stopover at a landmark of this ancient city,  Pultney Bridge, on the Riven Avon. Bear in mind that I was the only person who was absolutely 100% sober and had NOT won a cent at the races, it's a miracle I was grinning as widely as I was. To my left is one of the co-owners of the business, Alex, and the two women are our receptionist and admin whiz Katie (the blonde) and our sales whiz Emma (the one ACTING like a blonde). Nice people all.

amsteldam    As if I didn't have quite enough on my plate, I also had to factor in the reality that I was now turning 40! This proved to be the perfect excuse for L and I to plan our first foreign trip together since we got to the UK from Asia. We decided on a place where we could understand the language, fly directly, and where the people were laid back (because we'd had such a hectic month) so we chose Amsterdam.  Four days there were just what the doctor ordered, with much canal cruising, cobble crossing and long unrushed mornings. All this and the biggest pancakes in the world, with some of the friendliest swans too who were fluent in the universal lingo of FEEDMENOW!

Fashion Hint: Can't make out whether the leather jacket's brown or black? Don't rush off to have your eyes checked yet. It's actually a deep reddish maroon colour. Phew.

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