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April 2005  

Darrell is forced to fly to South Africa for a few days just for a stamp in his passport, Shelley gets out and about a whole lot more, and we're finally in possession of new passports which now have the physical space in them for the visa stamps we need for our European holidays. Roll on summer!

DARRELL LIGHTS IT UP. One of my London-living brothers, Darrell, helps manage record shops in and around the city. He's been celebrating the last couple of birthdays in the UK and recently whipped up cake-and-candles for his 30th. Something he's NOT celebrating is the fact that a recent change in UK legislation means that he had to fly back to South Africa to get the British Embassy there to put a stamp in his passport which they're no longer allowed to do here. Expensive paperwork, that.   HENDON HANNAN HITS HIS tHIRTIETH!
SHELLEY AND LISA NIGHT OUT, LIGHTS ON! Other notable events in Hendon Hannan territory include the addition of nights out to Shelley's schedule, something he's not been able to do regularly since starting heavy chemotherapy years ago. Here he is with one of his best friends, Lisa, at Klub Kinki in London. Yes, she is meant to look like a cat. And yes, he IS meant to look like a ... er... well, they don't look like this during the day. The club is the most interesting night out I have ever seen. People dressed in full fancy dress Moulin Rouge-style, some as ballet dancers, cross-dressers, 17th-century French nobles etc etc. Now THAT is a night out.

THE FOOD OF LIFE One of the things we're having to get our heads around is the lack of really tasty food when one goes out here. There's nothing to beat a trad Sunday roast at our local, but the problem comes when looking for really a good nosh out which DOESN'T cost an arm and a leg. We're realising that English food is nowhere near as tasty as what we're used to back in SA, but things are improving. In the meantime, we're compensated by the cheap-as-chips airfares to Europe, so weekends dining out in Paris beckon...


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