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MARCH 2005

Big month, this one. We finally spent some time with one of my oldest friends, a former Varsity digsmate who moved to the UK a while ago. We also decide to buy a house, most of the women in my family get together for a special occasion in South Africa, and I get another really good radio posting...


CONTRASTS. Paul and I were neighbours for years in res at Rhodes and became firm friends, sharing digs before heading out into the world of nine-to-five. Now, 18 years after we first met, we're still in touch and here's a picture of us earlier this year at his home in Surrey outside London. On the right, a picture of us taken at the end of the 80s at varsity - only one of us has changed hairstyles since then. PAUL WITH ME AT DIGS PARTY, BATHURST ST, 1990
COLUMBIA. My youngest brother Cade has added another American destination to his two year late 90s stint studying in the USA by recently becaming the first of us to visit South America. Here he is with the reason: a most lovely girl he met at work in London. He visited her at her family home in Bogota, and raved about the place and the people. To many, the Columbian security situation would be terrifying, but for a South African from the Transkei, it was fine. I think it shows in the pic... CADE IN COLUMBIA


CONTRACTS. Having a look at this site, I've realised something: no office pics. So here we are, an official-type photo of me at my desk. I've been working in their Sales management team for a while and work with quite a nice bunch of colleagues. None of whom, happily, drive the car which we found parked outside one day: a real Burberry chavmobile. For those who have no idea what a chav is, see this website for a look at a new social reality...


CONCRETE. After a couple of years here, we've decided to buy our first house. Leaving it much longer would be a mistake, as house prices in the UK are skyrocketing all the time. A mortgage for a three-roomed apartment in a converted Victorian building would cost us only marginally more a month than we're currently paying for our one-bedroomer in Bristol. How come? Well, it means living outside of Bristol for a start, as there's not a chance of getting ANYTHING for that price in the city.  We've had our purchase offer accepted on this house in the resort town of Weston-super-Mare, and plan to be moving once everything's confirmed sometime in mid-year. Holding thumbs is what we're doing so wish us luck...

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