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January 2005

A new year begins with much less snow that expected, and much more on our plates, literally and metaphorically...


INTO 2005

As is traditional, we see in the New Year in fine Dutch oliebollen-scoffing style with my brothers in their new larger place in Northwest London. They moved to a large house in Hendon, and now have a garden and plenty of space. All are dead chuffed. It was nice to be out and about, as I'd been keeping a very low profile whilst battling with a horrendous skin rash on my face and neck which turned me into a hermit for a few months. Not very nice. But it would disappear in time.

WINTER FROSTING PART 1. I mentioned that we traditionally have Oliebollen every new year's eve, one of the few obviously Dutch things we do to mark the fact that one of our Grandfathers is from the Netherlands. These are scoffed with champagne, and here is a picture of what they look like. Deep-fried balls of fruit-filled batter, they're rolled in castor sugar and are bloody nice. And can not be left until they're all gone. OLIBOLLEN


As the winter starts to bite, the Clifton Downs (which I generally walk across on my way to work every day) start to show promise of snow. This is frost, and I decided to save my camerawork for the REAL white stuff. No matter how long I waited, it would end up being in vain as we ended up having the warmest winter in years! No real snow at all.

CITIZEN RYAN. We're all in the UK because we have ancestral rights to live here, and because some of my brothers have been in the UK for so long, they are now eligible for UK nationality. Ryan has become the first of us to actually attend the just-introduced 'Citizenship' ceremony that accompanies the change in status from foreign national to new countryman. Here he is with two seals of approval: the local Mayor and the certificate that says 'Welcome, New Citizen!'
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