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My Radio Daze.

Before going to Asia, I'd been involved in radio for most of my adult life (not that I've done anything remotely 'adult' in years, but that's a different story)... I got back into the industry in the UK too, which was nice.

ON AIR, 1994


Between 1986 and 1997, I was involved with South Africa's most pioneering campus radio station Rhodes Music Radio, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and several other radio projects. In the UK, I became a presenter for a national satellite network, helped run the official radio station for the world' s biggest music festival,  and became a Director of a new FM service for Bristol. In 2006 I helped establish and currently manage the UK's first combined Muslim and Jewish broadcast service.

When they hear that I spent years on air or in clubs, people generally ask me what kind of music I'm into. If that was YOUR next question, find your answer here.


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