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Me and the SABC.

I worked with the SABC's Radio Algoa and BRFM between 1992 and 1996...

PERFECT FACE FOR RADIO. After word got around, I was offered various jobs which involved doing pretty much the same thing in other parts of the country, and I opted for the  ELFM project in the Eastern Cape Province city of East London, a river port city on the Indian Ocean. This was an initiative by the Greater East London Tourist Authority to set up the city's own private radio station, and I became project head in late 1991 after setting up my own radio broadcasting consultancy. which I'd operate for the next six years. ON AIR, 1994
ELFM AND POLITICS. After just over a year, the ELFM project became bogged down by all the national political wrangling going on at the time, delaying the crucial broadcast legislation we were depending on. This was part of the process which the country underwent to pull itself out of the apartheid era (remember that this was just after the all-white white Nationalist Party government had unbanned the ANC, released Nelson Mandela and was negotiating the country a new future).
RADIO ALGOA.  Fortunately, the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) hired me as a presenter for regional station RADIO ALGOA in 1992, and I was to spend a couple of very enjoyable years in this radio studio overlooking the East London beachfront. ME WITH KEVIN POTTER, 1993

BRFM STEREO. (1993-95)

BIGGER AND BETTER.  I joined RADIO ALGOA's spin-off local station BRFM in 1993, originally a 2 hours-a-day transmitter split from the main regional service. In 1994, BRFM was opened as a fully-fledged daytime station with its own staff and the works. I shifted to Breakfast Shows and simultaneously become Station Music Programmer and even Acting Station Manager for the station until 1995.  BRFM CREW 1995

BRFM'S STORY. In 1995, the Independent Broadcasting Authority ordered the SABC to close BRFM, accusing them of exceeding the bounds of their original broadcast licence for the region. Despite massive listener support for the station, the powers-that-be switched the station off. The SABC shifted me to afternoon drive on their province-wide service while my colleagues and friends had to do other things. Like Naveen Singh (good RMR friend), who joined East Coast Radio in Durban, and Fiona D, who went to P4 Radio in Cape Town.


ALGOA STEREO. The SABC then relocated me to their much bigger regional station where I was given the weekday PM drivetime show - which worked for me 'cause I didn't have to get up at 5.30 every morning to do the breakfast show anymore. So I moved from East London to a bigger market station in the city of Port Elizabeth in the middle of '95. Things were coming along nicely until I made headlines in '96 in a much-publicised episode which involved me losing my temper with an unruly crowd at a station function... 

The incident made the regional headlines for a week, and my face was on the bloody front page - all this and I didn't even get the chance to rip the heads off any live chickens. Sad. 


Anyhow, off I went to do other radio stuff.


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