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Even MORE radio-related stuff.

More broadcasting projects and even something about my musical tastes...

BACK TO THE BASE! What's a man to do. The country's State broadcaster threw the book at me and I took the hint, returning to my home base, Cape Town, to pursue a less regimented career path and spent the next two years (1996 and 1997) setting up new radio stations, including one of the country's most successful ones, UCRFM in the Eastern Cape hometown of Nelson Mandela (see pic at right).  WITH THE CREW AT UCRFM, UMTATA 1996

I was also lucky enough to partner up with a similarly-minded radio person, Arn Allingham, who joined me in inaugurating a still-successful radio broadcast course at technical college level. The course runs at the Cape Technikon, the biggest college in Cape Town proper, in conjunction with the province's biggest adult radio station, and has been been the source of other courses now running throughout the country. We helped in feeding the radio bug of dozens of potential radio people, many of whom have gone into the industry full-time. I was also part of the team that successfully applied for a licence to become the first independent, national Afrikaans radio service, PUNT.

After a break of some years in Asia, I moved to the UK where I got back into radio and joined the presenter team for a national satellite network as well as helped run the official radio station for the Glastonbury Festival and became a Director for a new FM service for the city of Bristol. Phew.


Not Just A Radio Guy...

BEFORE I FORGET. I wasn't just a radio presenter. I liked doing live gigs too. While working for BRFM and RADIO ALGOA in East London, I'd also spend a few nights a week indulging my other passion: club deejaying. NUMBERS ON THE BEACH is one of South Africa's top dance clubs, and I worked crowds there from 1991 until 1996. It really is the business and it still packs them in a couple of times a week. Trouble is - not enough House music, though. NUMBERS DANCE CLUB

So What Do I Listen To?

Musicwise, my bags are deep House, Drum & Bass, 2-step, Garage and Hip-Hop, so burn your guitars NOW!  Oh - and my fave classical composer is Johan Sibelius, so there. I suppose that I really should have some kind of music links page, shouldn't I?


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