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What Shakes My Speakers.

Once they find out that I was a DJ, people almost always ask me what kind of music I'm into...

BEN WATT OF LAZY DOG IT VARIES. Dance music's got to be deep, jazzy, bouncy Chicago-style House, Garage, 2-Step. Techno is bollocks, and so is Eurodisco. 

Top of my dance lists are the Lazy Dog productions of Ben Watt and Jay Hannan (no relation), Masters At Work, Louis Vega, Moloko, Steve 'Silk' Hurley (listen to a mix here) and E-Smoove.

I'm also really into Hip-Hop but hate R&B. Gangsta rap can bite me, so I'll take these any day:  Public Enemy, GangStarr, De La Soul, Run DMC, the Guru, etc.
Soul and funk also float my boat. Try Earth, Wind and Fire, Quincy Jones, Roy AyersMe'Shell N'Degeocello, Parliament, Soul 2 Soul, and the Isley Brothers. 
Jazz-wise, give me the Acid stuff anytime, or throw in some choice folk but keep that rock away from me! In my collection you'll find Incognito, 4-Hero, Jazzanova, Ronnie Jordan, Jamiroquai, and the Brand New Heavies, among others.

Right next to my Public Enemy CDs is where you'll find some Classical stuff too, with Finnish composer Sibelius being my favourite. This man's music as about as captivating as classical music can get. You might not agree, but then I don't recall asking...hee hee. 

A friend and I have set up an Internet-based streamed audio service called XpatvibeZ-Korea. It's in the testing phase at the moment, but you can visit the service's website and listen to the automated feed right now. It's a hobby...but we enjoy it.
The Internet is a whole new thing once one gets a high-speed connection. We have one, which enables us to listen live to radio station webcasts from all over the world. The ones which generally give our neighbours the screaming heebs are Capital Radio London, BBC Radio 1, and Radio Centro Suono from Rome (a station I visited when I was there in 1992). My favourite at the moment? Probably Real Radio from Yorkshire in the U.K. capitalfm

Other streaming or mixed music sites I really rate include MSN Music, the Deep House Network, the Deep House Page, and Deep Rhythms. To get other songs which I listen to and then erase (really), I used AudioGalaxy.



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