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Campus Radio 1986-91

I first got into radio in late 1986 when I joined my Varsity's radio station, RMR...

RMR.  I ended 1986 as a presenter on the local campus station, RHODES MUSIC RADIO. This picture shows the station team as they were in October 1988 at a staff party in the Rhodes Union, in a private lounge and bar which was at that time called The Outpost. Almost half the people in this picture went into the music or radio industries, and ALL of them went into this photo. You can see me on the far right of the picture. RMR OCTOBER 1988
NATIONAL DJ CHAMP. I spent the next few years honing my ability to talk complete drivel without sounding totally brain-dead and even ended up winning a 1990 National competition to choose the country's top student DJ. I was offered a job on the national pop station 5FM but decided to scrap that, opting instead to spend my time and effort patching up a relationship with someone. It worked, 'cause I ended up marrying her.   ME (ON THE TOWER AT LEFT) AND A LITTLE CROWD. 1990
SOUTH AFRICA'S FIRST LICENCED CAMPUS RADIO STATION: FESTIVAL FM. In 1991, I was lucky enough to head a team which was awarded the first campus broadcast licence in South African history! This was for FESTIVAL FM, the official broadcast service of the annual National Arts Festival held in Grahamstown.  There were stories about this groundbreaking development in papers all around the world. True. CLIP FROM "STYLE MAGAZINE' 1991


After that, it wasn't too long before I got into radio full-time with the South African Broadcasting Corporation after moving to East London in 1991.


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