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Our Friends From Africa #2

More friends from down south...

ALAN LINDSTROM. We worked as DJs in East London, first at Beach Music Radio, then Border FM and finally on Radio Algoa. He's a silly person who likes to ride motorbikes where they're not designed to go, so he's covered in scars and other results of forceful impacts with the fruits of Mother Nature - rocks, trees, the bottoms of ravines - all the things that champion moto-cross bikers love. He's also a keen amateur muso when he gets around to it. He now lives in the UK.

ALEX McGowan. Since we met at Rhodes, this former RMR Station Manager and I have been in touch regularly in London. He's now working in the theatre industry and does a fair amount of travelling, though he obviously spends a lot more time with people in silly tights than I do. In general, that is. The black and white pic was taken of us together in 1989 when we were both running RMR at University in Grahamstown. WITH ME IN 1989
MARTIN HAYTER. We became friends in 1984, shortly after my family returned to South Africa after a decade spent living in Zimbabwe. I first met Martin (while living in the small, Eastern Cape Province town of Queenstown) at a pub where I was barman and we got chatting. We discovered a mutual love of decent music, especially Ska and other hard new wave stuff. At that time, he was a mechanic for the State transport company, with a brand new pair of blue overalls every month. Now, he's a Quality Auditor for the Mercedes Benz head office in Pretoria, with a new Merc every year. Despite the evidence provided by his corporate ascendancy, Martin will always be in his 20s...He's an awesomely good writer and would probably make a superb lyricist for Celine Dion. Erk - let me erase that before his talents give that woman more to sing about... MARTIN IN HIS 'WHAT DREAMS MAY COME' GUISE
FIONA DEVENNEY is originally from Swaziland and currently lives in Marina Da Gama in  Cape Town. She has her own corporate clothing design business (she outfits staff at some of the country's top casinos and hotels) and is also a reformed deejay. In fact, we first met while spinning vinyl at a club in East London back in 1991 and we later worked as presenters on the same S.A.B.C radio station in the mid-90s before she moved to Cape Town to become a midday presenter for a new jazz station there. She kicked in the deejaying side of things a few years ago and seems to be coping with life as far as we know. Mother of three, she nurses a passion for Grapefruit Schnapps and late-night braais (barbeques) and will always be one of the most stylish women around.  FIONA IN CAPE TOWN 1997
This bandana-wrapped person of way-back Native-American ancestry is KEVIN O'NEIL, one of my best friends since meeting as presenters on our 'varsity radio station RMR in 1990. He'd spent a few years in South Africa while his business-type parents were enjoying a stint on the dark continent from their native Chicago. Here, he enjoys the view from the side of the Nahoon River in East London during a return visit to S.A in the early '90s. We have Facebook to thank for keeping us in touch.


DARON AND SHANNON MANN. We go a long way back to the beginnings of my radio days with the SABC in the early 90s. He's an afternoon presenter on Radio Algoa, the regional FM service. Known for lazy afternoons next to the pool and bbq area, this couple have been together since the Reformation but only got married after the new Millenium. Living in Port Elizabeth, they live large but don't look as though they're getting that way - mind you, we wait for new, wide-angle pictures to be sure... DARON AND SHANNON
 CHANTELLE VERMAAK. We got to know each other in 1994 when she joined as a colleague at BRFM as a newsreader. Since then, she and Laetitia have been on very good terms. Now living in Uitenhage outside Port Elizabeth, she's a Mom and a career woman and even remembers to write every now and then too!  CHANTELLE, MID 90s, WILD COAST
THERESA MEIRING. Laetitia met Theresa in 1980 when they were at VG (Victoria Girls' High) together and then later they shared many laughs and escapades at Jameson House, Rhodes University. Theresa now lives in West Wales, quite close to us, happily. THERESA'S WEDDING PIC
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