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HANNAN. Yup, that's the surname. Well, MINE anyway. My family is a blend of 2nd-gen Scottish (from Glasgow), Dutch (from Rotterdam) and South African (from Kanon Island) types. My Dad Clyde is an architect, and my Mom Elizabeth is a part-time social worker and full-time Mother. They met as students in Cape Town and got married in the early 1960s while my Dad was wrapping up his Architectural degree. They started a family with me in 1965, following up with Zane, Shelley and Ryan. We then moved to Johannesburg in the early '70s where Darrell arrived, and then to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, which is where Cade was born. We returned to South Africa in 1984. The family's current base is the city of Umtata in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, though most of the brothers now live in the UK.
ZANE spent a few years in the theatre and other dramatic arenas and is working in Umtata while wrapping up his degree through The University Of South Africa. Despite all this, he actually wants to be an astronomer. Zane is the only one of us who has yet to go overseas! 
SHELLEY did most of his schooling in Queenstown and then moved to London in the mid-90s to chase his objective: music. A tremendous artist, he manages to juggle staying healthy with what's possibly the most active social life of all of us. He also has a collection of very interesting friends.

Including a chinchilla.

RYAN also went to Queens College and then to London with Shelley in the mid-90s. He teaches EFL and studies music. Eats disgustingly healthily - it seems.
DARRELL works as a CAD whiz in London and has yet to buy his first car (mind you, who needs one in Camden).
CADE said cheerio to his school uniform once and for all at Umtata High School before doing a media studies degree at the University of Southern Carolina in Columbia, USA. He gave up a life of rednecks and jocks for a life in London where he dabbles in teaching EFL whilst making music fulltime - or is that the other way around?


The De Braal Family

The Dutch side of the family is from Rotterdam. Willem De Braal came to South Africa to escape the Nazi invasion of Holland and met Mona Smit, from Kanon Island (Orange River). Grandfather Willem passed away in the late 1980s. Jewellers and photographers by trade, the two had lived and raised a family in the Western Cape Province "Swartland' town of Malmesbury before retiring to Pinelands, a leafy suburb of Cape Town, in the mid-80s. My Mom's only brother, William, is a retired lawyer who lives with his wife Lenore outside Cape Town. His kids - Carel, Jacques and Colette - are scattered across the planet travelling, working and generally 'getting around'.

The Hannan Family

Alec Hannan, my grandfather, was a professional boxer who represented South Africa at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. This Glasgow man married Una Mostert from North Somerset [where I now live] and settled in South Africa. They emigrated to the USA in the 90s, living near Stan [my Dad's only brother] and his family in Florida. Stan was Chaplain for the Rhodesian Army in the 70s and then moved to the USA where his calling has moved him from Alabama to Florida. His wife's Norma and their three daughters are Debbie, Barbara and Kerry. My gran Una passed away just before the end of the last Millenium and my Grandfather did the same at Easter 2002.

WITH MY GRAN MONA, 2000 Our Gran.

Still hale and hearty, she spent years living all by herself in a huge house in the generally sedate suburb of Pinelands in Cape Town. We last saw her in 2000, which is when we took her to lunch at a beautiful wine estate overlooking the Franshoek valley outside the city. She has recently started to get used to using email, which she does via the high-tech facilities offered by her best friend and former neighbour, Bernard. In 2007 she moved to a retirement centre in the seaside village of Langebaan on the Atlantic coast north of Cape Town where her son and grandkids live.


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