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January 2006

January kicks off with a winter that doesn't really BITE - not that we Africans are complaining. Social things happen along nicely and my phone camera puts in some good service...

K and Al point out the stage OUT WITH HIM. This is Alan Lindstrom. He and I used to work together at the SABC radio station BRFM in East London in the mid-90s (Al is the guy holding up the papers behind my head in this ancient photo). He moved to the UK last year but we'd not had the chance to see him until now.

Not only do we now both look like skinheadss, but we're also jazz fans. Which explains our presence at the quite excellent Jazz Cafe one Saturday night in Camden.

TABLE GLANCERS. Still at the Jazz Cafe, this is the lot of us with Greg, Alan, Laetitia, Kevin Potter and me all doing our best to work out if my mobile phone had actually taken the damn pic or not.

For those who might be wondering, I STILL haven't been able to nuke my sudden alcohol allergy so I am completely stone cold sober here. Still, would be nice to blame the beer for all those silly faces I pull. Not something that ever-calm Laetitia has a hassle with (ha ha).



ON THE TUBE WITH BROS TUBULAR BROS. Same night, different people. Two of my brothers, Darrell and Cade, were out at the Dublin Castle on the same night, so we met up on the way home from the Jazz Cafe and snapped ourselves on the Underground back to north London where they live.

Cade's staring eyes probably  hint at the excitement he's feeling as his wedding looms and we're off to Columbia for the big day in a few months. It'll be my first visit to South America so that's another continent to add to the list of places we've been to.

OTHER STUFF. I've probably mentioned that I'm on the Board of Directors for BCFM, a company which has applied for a licence to set up a new local radio station in Bristol. That licence decision was expected last year and we were intending to be on air already but we're still waiting for the decision from the broadcast authority here. It's all a bit slow, but 'patience is a virtue' etc. Reminds me of the similarly-rubbish adage that 'struggling builds character'.

The one struggle I AM having is to get to as much live music as I'd like. That's because we're no longer living in Bristol itself so there's always the 45-minute drive to factor in. Plus the 6am wake-up call during the week AND early mornings on Saturday for my Immedia radio shows so Fridays are out.

Still, it's not impossible to listen to new music but that's only done online when I get the chance. Still into the soulful house that you can hear on BBC's Radio1EXTRA played by Aaron Ross. There's also brilliant music out there from Aquanote, Blue 6, Miguel Migs and Tortured Soul. Screw MTV's R&B and Shit-Hop!

And then I stepped gingerly off my soapbox.

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