April 1992 - We Do It.

I fly to join L in Italy, we spend a while in Turkey, then back to Rome to get married after which we honeymoon in Switzerland before returning home to East London in S.A...

I Do, Most Definitely

"SI. LO FACIO". That's what we said on the Campidoglio overlooking Rome's ancient Forum. Had the ceremony been in English, this would've come out as "Yes. I do". Laetitia's Italian was loads better than mine, mostly because she'd been living in Italy for more than a year, having gone over in early '91 just after we'd got back together following a year, erm, apart.  This ceremony was followed by a reception at a villa in Prima Porta, a considerably rural part of greater Rome. Honeyed rabbit, champagne, etc. Quite superb. Brilliant day, and it was all made better by the fact that she'd made me regrow my shaven head for the wedding. One makes these sacrifices, I suppose, and it was definitely worth it. She wore a genuine 1920s silk wedding dress. Wow.

(Brief recap: we had broken up in early 1990 but had stayed on in Grahamstown - I was still studying and L.was working at a local library but she'd made plans to leave for a year or two in Europe. This was the year that featured my winning the 'Top Student DJ In The Country' competition and ended with me shifting to Johannesburg to chase up a job offer on the country's biggest national radio station. Just before Xmas, still in Jo'burg, I regained my senses and opted instead to rejoin Laetitia in Grahamstown for a few weeks before she hit the high road. We'd made up, but she still left for Italy - the fact that we'd got back together again was not going to change her plans. I registered for another year at Varsity and stuck around at Rhodes until the end of 1991 when I left to head the ELFM broadcast project in East London. It was in the last few weeks of '91 that we decided long-distance to make the necessary arrangements to 'do the right thing' in Rome. Trouble is -her parents had no idea that we'd actually got back together again, but this bridge would be crossed when we came to it).

Location, location, location...

WHEN IN ROME...This is the 500 year-old Campidoglio on one of the hills of Rome. It's where all Romans get legally married, so we had to follow suit. The paperwork was a formidable obstacle but we got there in the end. The square itself is packed with Michelangelo statuary and all kinds of marbled splendiferousness - really quite something. Our ceremony was exceedingly plush and took place in the building on the left of this square. (Brief note: Romans who want a divorce use the building on the right - that's where marriages are formally trashed. Long journey, short walk. Convenient if you're Joan Collins, eh)?


INTERIORS. The inside of the hall was really sumptious, and there was plenty of space for our group of local friends. The disadvantage of getting married so far from home is that very few people can travel so far for the ceremony, but you have to admit that it DOES save on the champagne bill at the reception. INSIDE AT THE WEDDING CEREMONY, CAMPIDOGLIO.
NO! I SAID "STAND ON THE PIAZZA!" There were about eleven people with us on the day (excluding the horde of officials) and Laetitia's Mom came over with good friend Joyce, but my family couldn't make it due to the simple fact that seven airtickets can be a tad costly. Saved us a lot on the fermented grape juice bill for the reception, though. Here we are outside in the piazza after the ceremony. It's a virtually identical shot to the ones you'll see in Eddie Vedder (of PEARL JAM)'s wedding album,'cause he got married in exactly the same place a year or two later. Copycat. I'm still not returning his calls... US IN THE SQUARE

Married travel...

HONEYMOONERS. We'd spent a few weeks in Turkey just before the wedding, then proceeded to irritate a wider swathe of European citizenry as we honeymooned in Venice and Florence and then left Italy to end up in St. Moritz and Lucerne in Switzerland.  This was rather a nice break and allowed us to do lots of mountainous things, like throw clods of Swiss earth at Swiss cows, and generally behave like louts. We had LUFFLY weather and it made me a tad sorry that I'd given in to Laetitia's demands that I grow my hair specially for the wedding. Mind you, she DID have a point. Skinheads and champagne don't mix. Then it was back on a plane and off to rejoin the 9-5 set in S.A. 


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