BIG DECISION.  January and February have been uneventful, apart from more skiing - and an important decision which we've come to: we've decided to extend our contracts here in Korea until October and then head off for a long stint in an English country 'cause we're hankering for a significant cultural reinforcement. As things stand, we leave for the U.K at the end of that month and should be there for the next few years. We have no idea where we'll be living, but we plan to buy a car as soon as possible and tour for a few weeks, then start the job hunting. I'll probably be spending the next few months driving around the country visiting radio stations and hassling Station Managers for a job while Laetitia gets to work in the general somewhere to bring in the bacon (or rather, the 'my petrol-and-cheap-guesthouse' money) so that we don't touch our savings.  Once I track down an on-air job, then Laetitia will move to wherever I'll be based. Hard work, nothing glam, but we expect a slog and welcome the changes to the routine we've got used to here in Asia. You know what they say: "A change is as good as a holiday". It's amazing what a couple will do just to be able to ensure a regular supply of fish & chips... LAETITIA ON SKIS
SLOPE OKES. That pun might be lost on the non-SA types reading this, but tough kak. We did some skiing this winter, and Laetitia did damn well, considering that it was her first time, and we agreed to overlook the tears, the broken ski poles, and the  snowsled rescue trips which plucked her off the slopes. Anyway, she finally made it onto the Intermediate Slopes and did us all proud. She's hooked, and is already making plans for the next ski season in Europe. US WITH JENNY AT YEOGPYONG
MICHELIN MAN MEETS HIS FATE. The two of us have ski suits of fairly differing proportions. Mine is super-padded and a bit easier on the rump when bouncing off the glories of nature. There is just one question which I have to ask: "Does my bum look in this?"

For those without GPS, this early March pic is us at Daemyung, a resort about an hour outside Seoul, on Laetitia's first-ever foray into the frozen wastes. She took to it at once - not. It did take a while to get her going, what with her getting the heebs on the ski lift (she hates going up) and the morbs on the slopes (she hates falling down), but she ended up becoming an addict. Oh - and she dug the skiing too...




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