In 1984, we left Zimbabwe and returned to South Africa, where my family's been ever since.

MANY HAPPY RETURNS. In April, we 'went south' to live in the little Eastern Cape town of Queenstown for a couple of years. My Dad ran an architectural practice there, and this was to be home from early 1984 until mid-'86. It was here that I got my driver's licence - you can see the vehicles I learned on in the picture: a VW Microbus and an Opel Astra (called a Kadett in South Africa). OUR HOUSE IN BLUE RISE, FEATURING THE LEARNERS' CARS
ALTERED IMAGES. I went through quite a number of hairstyles in the early to mid 80s, all inspired by a weekly mix of UK teen chart mag "Smash Hits", New Romantic pop vids (we'd got hold of our first VCR) and other stuff. We also got hold of our first home computers in 1984, and the house was to become filled with Vic 20s, Commodore 64s and Amigas before PCs finally became interesting enough. In addition to the dyed hair, the pony tails and the Duran Duran locks, I also cultivated a sometimes surprisingly hairy 'look'. AN UNCHARACTERISTICALLY HAIRY STAGE IN 1985
QUEENS! My brothers all went to either Queens College or Queens Junior there, though I'd finished High School in Zimbabwe so I continued to study for my 'A' levels by correspondence before entering 'Varsity in 1986. It was here in Queenstown that I met one of my best friends, Martin Hayter. 

This was just before my family moved again, to Umtata, the biggest city in what was then a completely separate country contained within South Africa's borders.

Zane, Shelley. Kyle and Martin Feb 1986 Queenstown
TOURISM. We do have some in this part of the world, and you can have a look at the Province's official tourist website here


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