Taiwan Index (Nov. 1998-May 2001)

At the end of 1998, we moved from South Korea to the island of Taiwan and set up in Miaoli City in Western Taiwan where we'd stay until mid 2001.




You'll find out more about our years there on our Miaoli pages.  In 1999, we experienced Taiwan's biggest-ever earthquake (it IS one of the world's shakiest places at the best of times) which started a long bout of shell-shock for yours truly.

At the beginning of 2000, we returned to Taiwan from a month's holiday which included a 'New Millenium' break in South Africa, the only time I've been back home since we originally departed in 1997. We also went to mainland China for the first time, and Thailand again. I spent two weeks in the UK , along with my parents, visiting my brother Shelley who was recovering from complications in Intensive Care in London. Back in Taiwan, we got - and lost - a cat, made lots of new friends and saw some new parts of the country. We also decided that this would be our last year on the island. 

We finished our Taiwan stint in February 2001, after which we spent a month doing absolutely nothing on the beach in Thailand before finalising our new Korean jobs and heading back to Taiwan for a few days on our way to our new jobs in Seoul


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