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BACK FOR THE MILLENIUM. Laetitia and I spent Xmas 99 and New Year 2000 in South Africa with our families and got the chance to get LOADS of real food into our systems again. The weather was not good, but at least it held off to give us a shot at having a FEW half-decent braaiS ('barbequeS' FOR THOSE NOT IN THE KNOW).

NEWLANDS, WINELANDS. We spent a lot of time with Laetitia's brother Philip and one of her best friends, Joanne. This was the catalyst for those two to get something going, and their 15 years of friendship suddenly blossomed into something a lot more intense. By the end of our month in SA, Joanne and Phil had become and item! We also got the chance to see one of my favourite groups live, INCOGNITO - a jazz collective from the UK - which we caught as part of the Cape Town Jazzathon. The one thing that we did NOT manage to have was a relaxing holiday (something about having to do so much in such a short time). AT JO'S PLACE, NEWLANDS, 1999
TO EL WITH US. After Cape Town, we headed off to East London for a Xmas with our families in the Eastern Cape Province. While Laetitia stayed for a few days with her family in East London, I headed off to Umtata for a few days with mine. I had Xmas eve with my family and then drove down to East London on Xmas morning for lunch with the In-laws. Phew.  UMTATA, XMAS 1999
STIRLING EFFORT. L's parents live in Stirling, East London, and she enjoyed every minute of her time with them, complete with food that we could actually wolf down with relish. Chutney, too. L WITH HER PARENTS IN LATE 1999
BLOKES. It was very nice to see our old friends, especially the guys I'd worked with for so long on radio. One evening, Kevin Potter, Alan Lindstrom and William Granzier joined me for an evening at Numbers Dance Club, where we'd also used to gig over the weekends. It was a bit strange being there without the usual buzz that generally came with the territory when we were playing there. And why is everyone suddenly considerably less hirsute? Oh well, all things must pass...  WITH WILLIAM, ALAN AND KEVIN AT NUMBERS 2000
LEAVING.  Finally, Jan 12 2000 dawned and we had to say "Goodbye - AGAIN" to everyone and our cat. Back to Taiwan - and ANOTHER new year to celebrate. We left South Africa from the East London airport in January and were seen off by both sets of parents at the coffee shop there. This was my last couple of hours in S.A. US WITH BOTH SETS OF PARENTS IN EL, JAN 2000


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