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MARCH 17 2000:Yes, while I pack up in Taiwan, Laetitia spends March 2001 in South Africa, where her presence is formally required at the wedding of her brother to one of her best friends.

THE HAPPY COUPLE. Laetitia's brother, Philip, married Joanne Evans, a long-time friend of his via Laetitia (Jo and her had been at Varsity together in the 80s). They had a very nice ceremony in Port Elizabeth, a city on the Indian Ocean coast of South Africa. Joanne is a lawyer and Phil is a payroll consultant for First National Bank (formerly Barclays) in Cape Town.
LAETITIA GLAMS OUT! Here she is with her Dad, who everyone calls 'Professor'. Why? Because he is one. He's a Judge too, but took the chance to swop his judicial gown for a rather more contemporary look featuring a bottle-green shirt which he'd bought three years previously but had not ever had the occasion to wear - until the wedding. 
LOOKING LIKE L! Laetitia had to wear an unusually-glam dress for her role as bridesmaid. She also had to sit through a make-up and hair-do session with a professional which ended up giving her quite a glam aspect. The wedding was pretty enjoyable all round, and gave her the chance to touch sides (and hips) with lots of family and friends. This is a pic from the reception - L. is with her just-hitched brother and her cousin Dino Minuzzo from the Italian side of the family

Meanwhile, the end of our Taiwan leg was in sight. Laetitia was to meet me in Thailand after the wedding, and that's where we were planning to spend April 2001. 


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