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Here are some more pics of Spring in Korea. If you have a fast Internet connection, go ahead and click on the small images below to get a BIGGER one.

GOING TO POT. This is a pic of one of the traditional courtyards at the Folk Village. The chimney thing is just that, a chimney, and the pots are what the locals store and ferment food like kimchi in during the winter. What is kimchi? Well, it's the Korean national dish and one either loves it or hates it, but they can not live without it. More about this particular culinary aberration is here - and yes, you're right, I do NOT like the stuff. CLICK HERE FOR A BIG VERSION
COUNTRY MATTERS. A traditional farming compound house, surrounded by fields and - erm - other things which you'd expect to find. Folk village farmer's house.jpg (236035 bytes)
EXTERIORS. This is another housing compound, but in the style of a wealthy landowner's digs.  CLICK HERE TO GET A BIG VERSION


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