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OUR HOUSE, IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR RICE PADDY! We lived in the building highlighted by the yellow circle. In case you're wondering - the circle is NOT really there. It's a 7-storey building named - er - something in Chinese. We DO know that the street's called Weng-Fung Jie, so that's a start. You can't really get our address wrong either, 'cause we were the only block in the middle of the only rice paddy in the street.  OUR BUILDING IN MIAOLI
CIRCLED! This is a view of our building from the top of another one which housed my Friday evening classes. The high-rise on the far left looms over the Miaoli Train Station and is where our school would move to after we left in 2001. OUR BUILDING FROM A DISTANCE

CONCRETE FACTS. The general area is green and hilly, but the overall attractiveness of the countryside is generally compromised by the ugliness of the buildings and general urban debris that seems to be everywhere in Taiwan. Drab concrete blocks characterise living conditions for the people, but at least they have space to park this year's Merc in the living room/garage. It is an interesting juxtaposition, this incredibly uninspiring accommodation coupled with conspicuous consumption visible everywhere but in the home. MIAOLI COLLAGE


OVER THE HILL. This is a very typical scene in the city, as most of the valley floor is taken up by rice fields which are harvested at least twice a year. Miaoli is surrounded by hills, which gives it a high TPF (Typhoon Protection Factor) but doesn't help much to avoid the earthquakes which makes this one of the world's most shaky places. We had a huge one in 1999.


INNER SPACE. Getting domestic, what series of shots would be complete without a tasteful interior? This is a pic of our lounge before we put up all the Thai and Balinese wall hangings, or added the chaos caused by our temporary  kitten). We lived on the 2nd floor, and our 3-bedroomed place was one of the places we've lived in the longest since we've been married. INSIDE OUR FLAT IN TAIWAN

More general Miaoli snippets are here, and stuff for the year 2000 is here.



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