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Into 2009

After the rubbish-est Summer for yonks, the new year's started with the heaviest snows we've had for almost 20 years.

New Year In Brizzle.

Christmas came and went while the Festive decorations lasted well into the beginning of 2009, which was nice. I'd started the New Year enjoying my new piece of kit, one of the latest smartphones which did all kinds of things in a single package. Here, I used my phone to take a picture while listening to the radio AND browsing the internet to check train times for my trip home.

Aaah, convergence...


Motorway Camera view

Jammed Cam  Our motorway networks use a system of traffic cameras which you can view live via the internet. It's not much good at the moment - as this picture shows. All it does is confirm one thing: there's a lot of snow around.

How Nature's Finest (Animals) Cope with the Weather.   

Simple. They demand to be let out of the house at any time of day or night to lark around in the snow and sleet. They do this safe in the knowledge that the second they're pawing at the window to be let back in, there'll be a heater fired up which they'll plonk themselves in front of. Life's tough. 

Mother and Daughter Family Get-Together. 

My Gran recently moved from Cape Town to live closer to her family in a little beach resort town further up the West Coast of South Africa. My parents, who live on the East Coast, travelled across the country to spend the Festive break with her and the rest of the De Braals. Here, my Mom and HER Mom take a breather during a long lunch.

I've been reliably informed that the can of beer on the table had nothing to do with them.


Back to that phone.    I started this page off by talking about my new phone and'll end it on the same topic. Except it's not happy news. I dropped it getting out of my car and it was gone by the time I'd come rushing back to try and find it a few minutes later. Bang goes my 5 year no-claims bonus on my home contents insurance policy.


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