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October 2008

More train, less rain, as the clocks go back and we move into what's officially the END of British Summer Time. This is the only time I'll be using that word with any conviction. To avoid any confusion between the word 'Summer' and the weather we ACTUALLY had this year, I'm now going to refer to it as 'mid-year' or just by month (e.g. "How was your August?").


Up On The Roof. When we first looked at buying a house, we chose one 6 minutes' walk from the station and about the same from the beach (which isn't much use considering the weather we've been having).  The walk to the station's made up for it on occasion, though. For instance, this was obviously national 'Upside Down Car Day'.

It's that time of year when the X Factor's back on screens and pretty much everyone's watching. Amy Winehouse must be as chuffed as a lizard on a hot rock because the so-called 'Credit Crunch' headlines have replaced the usual run of 'What Amy did last night'  front pages. I've seen her a couple of times teetering around Camden in a crowd of frenzied 'paps'. Poor woman. All she vants to do iz be alone.

DON'T LOOK AT ME. I'M SHY Forced Cat-pivity.  I'm not embarrassed to admit that my wife has me under her thumb. On a mere whim, she will order me to post ridiculously cute pictures of our cat. I don't believe that this is justified OR appropriate in these times of economic turmoil, financial meltdown and political upheaval.

"Who wants to look at kitty pics when there's full-page photos of battling bankers and aggrieved accountants to be enjoyed instead?!?"  I say, waving copies of the Financial Times in the air.

She just ignores me and waves a rolling pin just that little bit closer to my skull.

Which, really, is quite fragile.

I mean, posting the cat pic would just be much easier anyhow...

Back In The Day. I blame Facebook. Friends' photo albums are now spitting out ancient pics of stuff I'd already forgotten about. Like this pic, in which I had all that wotsit on my head. What was it called again?  Er...HAIR!! That was it. Ah yes, I remember it well.

This would have been taken in '83 or '84 during the last year or so that we lived in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. We'd bought a huge house and garden for around the same price you'd pay for a single egg or a toilet roll (if you can manage to find them) in Zim today.

This is me (in the middle, in case you're wondering) with school friends John on the left and Jeremy on the right in the drive of John's place. And before you ask, it's FRUIT JUICE!



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