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Early 2008

From the wettest summer ever to the warmest winter, last year was a 'globally warmed' 2007. In an attempt to bring us all a hotter summer and a colder winter, we've decided to cut our car use in half. What's the bet the weatherman doesn't even notice...


and I've totally not got around to updating this page since the last time the sun shone on a warm day. Which would have been one of two occasions in September LAST YEAR.

This was taken in Hendon, North London, in the garden of the house where all my brothers in the UK used to live. Shelley and Julia, Alessandra and Ryan, Darrell, Lina and Cade, and me bugger!

This pic's just here to remind us of the summer we didn't have. This was followed by a Winter without snow.  Wrong, just wrong.

aha, here she is.

Laetitia here at the Lock Tavern with Lina, the newest Mrs Hannan. That's three Ls.

But wait, there's more!

Count them: my Mom's Liz, my wife's Laetitia and my brother's wife is Lina.  That's THREE Mrs L. Hannans!

But wait. There's even MORE!

The DJ in the background is yet another Hannan.

HOORAY HOORAY IT'S A HOLI-HOLI-DAY (NOT) perfect faces for radio

In the mid 1990s, Alan, Kevin and I were all working as daytime radio presenters on a public radio station called BRFM back in South Africa.

In mid December 2007, we were back together again in London celebrating Al's birthday. Kevin was leaving the next day on holiday and Al would be heading off to sunnier climes a month or so later.

And there I was still working 6 days a week without a holiday for a year. I think I need to have a careful look at my diary...

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