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September 2008


At the Bull and Gate

Every now and then the 5 brothers in the UK get the chance to get together. And realise afterwards that we'd completely forgotten to take a pic. This time, we made sure we got one. This is at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town where Cade and Ryan's band, Grand Central, occasionally gig.

From left, Darrell, me, Cade and his wife Lina, Julia and her fiance (and my bruv) Shelley, Ryan and his fiance Alessandra. Now all we need to do is get a pic featuring Laetitia, Zane (the one brother still in SA) and Darrell's other half. When he can make time for one...


Mbeki Out. Other things happening this month included the sudden departure of our now-ex President Mbeki and the resignation of many of the best ministers in the SA Cabinet. The Times of South Africa had a very direct take on the whole situation, a message which I hope takes hold quickly. It's interesting that South Africa's first two democratic Presidents, Nelson and Thabo, were born in little towns through which I've driven hundreds of times travelling around the Transkei region of SA where my parents live.  Mbeki's from Idutywa, which means 'Place of Disorder' in the local Xhosa language and Mandela's from just outside Qunu in the Umtata district. Places I know well. MBEKI OUT
MY PHONE Connectivity In.  I've also just upgraded to my first new mobile phone in 3 years, an iPhone-type smartphone which has made my life a LOAD easier with wifi, internet, email and onboard Skype. Calls too. It's a great improvement on what I had before. You know what I mean. My old phone was - erm - just a phone. What good's that?


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