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June to August 2007

Officially the crappiest summer in UK history. Apart from the non-stop rain, things were fine. Except it was a tad damp. Or did I mention that already...?

A short while ago in a gallery not far away...

We'd popped up to London with ex-SABC colleague Kevin Potter to go and see Prince at the 02 Arena, formerly the venue known as the Millenium Dome. After a moderately awesome gig, we headed off to our hotel and then the following morning to leave our car in Camden before I joined my brother Shelley for a very self-indulgent wander through the Star Wars exhibition next to the London Eye where we bumped into a number of familiar faces. Or rather, fascias.

ALMOST AS GOOD AS BOTS ON GUNFIRE HILL Vista. More than just a tarted-up XP!

Erk. Getting geeky there. Still, we DID find a completely out-of-the-way spot in the nearby Blagdon Valley for a decent picnic. Couldn't take my Alfa (scrapes too easily) so L's Fiat handled the country lanes instead. Admirable. (Admirabilissima?)

Mr Brean

Brean. A huge beach around the corner from where we live. Not that it helps, as it's been a Summer - or should that be 'Summer' - of historical note. Officially the wettest one EVER. Or since records began anyway.

So, when we finally saw the - er - thingie - er - oh yes, the SUN, we did the natural thing and WENT TO THE BEACH!!!!

Just to show that I can fool anyone, I posed for a picture that apparently shows me indulging in some vague form of something called 'Exercise'.

Note to concerned friends: don't panic. I'm not really running.


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