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September and October 2006

There've been a couple of live concerts attended in the last few months, our new cat makes itself at home in a unique way, and we hit the officialdom trail again in the quest for UK Resident's Permits.


Somewhere over the

The 150 year-old Clifton Suspension Bridge is probably the best known symbol of Bristol and has just had a high-profile refit of its lighting system to mark the 200th anniversary of its designer's birth, the incredibly inventive I.K Brunel. One rainy morning crossing the Cumberland Basin swing bridge, I snapped the rainbow with my phone camera through the window of our car. Nice pic, I thought.


Half Life 2 portal found in Bristol?

Anyone who's spent any time in City 17 as The Freeman will recognise the door on the left. The shadowy half-light and the air of urban decay are familiar enough to anyone hefting a Gravity Gun.

Now have a look at the door on the right, which I discovered under a bridge in a central Bristol stairwell...

Spent a long time waiting for Alyx to turn up, I did. Ah well, one can always hope.

This cat is NOT stretching.

It's fast asleep. Really, it is. 'Purrnikitty' does this weird thing when she kips, flinging herself full length and then passing out on her back. Should the people from the Weird Pets channel get in touch, we have video to prove that she's out like a light... Now where ARE those royalty cheques...?

Relative comfort.

My uncle and aunt from Cape Town popped over for a quick visit this month and we met at a Thames-side pub in Kingston near London for lunch with my cousin Collette. And her huger-every-day pooch. And just in case you're wondering, the beer I'm drinking is alcohol-free because I'm still allergic to the stuff. Allah clearly doesn't like me.

Paper chase.

The month also featured a couple of visits to the Immigration Office to arrange new UK Residence Visas because they changed the law retrospectively this year by adding more time to the waiting period for UK naturalisation. Cue two visits to the Immigration peeps, the first abortive as their computers were offline when we turned up. The second was all hunky dory and we're legal again. Pity about the ugly pics we were forced to sit for in a rush - they're now in our passports for good. Grim. We don't look like that. Really, we don't.

Do we?


And the pop concerts we've been to recently? Simply Red, Level 42, Kenny Thomas, Howard Jones, Toyah and ... ABC!!!! Slowly, L's aversion to crowds and loud music is being whittled away. My plan is coming together (cue evil cackling and a loud call for MiniMe).

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