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February 2006

Big changes beckon as we get ready to launch Bristol's newest radio service, I become an Uncle and  change jobs!

We now have a radio station!

It's official! After a wait of almost a year, our company BCFM has been awarded the new radio broadcast licence for Bristol! 

Here we are in Clifton with the other members of the Board of Directors for BCFM, a group of people who now face a year of hard graft to get the station up and running. Hey, it's what we like doing. This means that the next few months are going to be really intense so thank God there's no Glastonbury Festival this year because we usually do their radio station too.

Bring it on!


KYLE: new job, new nephew!

It was a double-plus-good month. Just after our team succeeded in getting the radio licence for Bristol, my brother and sister-in-law had a son so I'm now an Uncle for the first time. And if that's not all, I was on lunchbreak one day and got a call during my salad-scoffing. My Saturday employer Immedia were offering me a full-time radio presentation job starting in 5 days! By the end of lunch I'd resigned from Personal Recruiter,  my workplace of the last two and a half years! Now THAT'S speedy.

This is an ideal transition to our BCFM Bristol project (which starts up quite a way down the line) and means I have a long daily commute to the Immedia studios near Oxford. Still, it's no longer than the commute faced by half the Londoners I know - and they work and live in the same city!!

This whirlwind has to stop somewhere...but not now.

ON THEIR WAY DOWN! BBC - Big Bristol Changes.  The city's undergoing a massive 500 million redevelopment of its main shopping gateway, Broadmead, which should be finished by the end of 2008. It's already seen the demolition of two huge urban embarrassments at the motorway entrance to town (see on the left), Tollgate House and the Tollgate Parking Garage. The high-rise had been empty for years and was the first thing you saw when you entered the city from the motorway (there's a very interesting look inside its abandoned hulk at this website). It's all change - and not a minute too soon.



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