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March 2004...


Our Korean friend Jung-Eun heads off again after her brief stopover with us in Bristol, and the fact that we had to make her sleep on our floor made us decide that we need to start looking for a bigger flat. So March was moving month.


WE NOW LIVE HERE. After weeks of flat-hunting, we moved from our studio flat in Redland into a bigger place. Our new spot is on the top floor of a very nice development in a suburb called Sneyd Park (it's pronounced 'Sneed'). We've got our own private gardens, a heated swimming pool/sauna complex, and a view  of almost nothing but trees, squirrels and the island's fattest pigeons (no cat would be brave enough to take them on). Oh yes, and our first garage since 1997.


<This picture of our private park looks across the Severn River into Wales...

ALL SET FOR SUMMER. While our previous suburb, Redland, was great to live in, with our local shops, pub and sports club less than five minutes' walk from our front door, we've now shifted into what's probably Bristol's quietest and most chilled-out area. This is not entirely a good thing as there's absolutely NO pub within about a three km radius! Amazing, but true. This is because the area was apparently established by teetotal Church Bishops a century or three ago. (By spooky coincidence, my grandparents lived in one of South Africa's only 'dry' town too).  While we now have to face a trek of half an hour to the nearest watering hole, it has to be said that we've got a local woodland area with forests, ponds, meadows and all things good, so it's not horrible.



THE DOWNS-SIDE OF LIFE IN UPPER BRISTOL. Instead of my previous ten minutes on foot (we lived to the right of the red dot in the pic), I now have to walk for about 35 minutes to get to work in Cotham, not too far from lower Whiteladies Road. To get there, I have to cross the famous Clifton Downs to Blackboy Hill and then pass the temptingly-aromatic shopfronts of Whiteladies Road bakeries just as they're putting out the 'Breakfast Special' boards. I really should try to leave for work a little sooner, just so I can put off getting there a little longer. Hmmph.

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