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JUNE & JULY 2004


June saw Laetitia head off for a few weeks' relaxation with friends and family back in South Africa, while I stayed behind to hold the fort. Promotion at work, involvement with more community radio projects and the initial stages of a car purchase were keeping me busy enough to ignore the dishes. Tut.


LAST LEGS. Our friend Derek, who was a former colleague from our time in Korea and who's now living in Plymouth, was also planning things. In his case, it was an imminent knee op for an old football injury, and the fact that he works in a Plymouth hospital seems to have given him a good idea of what the op would involve. In short, the looming prospect of 6 weeks of sitting around with his feet up made him keen to do as much walking and outdoor stuff as he could before swopping hiking boots for braces and crutches. We spent some hours on the fells of Dartmoor, and this was possibly the last hill that he'd be walking up for a while. A Kodak moment, natch.

BACK TO BE-SICKS. L's return from an S.A winter dropped her straight into an English summer - and the first thing she did was get a cold. While she coughed the week away, I was getting involved in a couple of radio projects here in Bristol, two community radio projects (RADIO 19 and COMMONWEALTH FM) in addition to my Bristol Hospital Radio slots. Keeps me in practice, though things in the UK seem to move a LOT slower than at home, and their radio people are often not as multiskilled as the ones I'd got used to working with back in S.A. Well, I'm learning from them anyway, which can't be a bad thing. Can it?


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