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February 2004...

With some of Bristol's heaviest falls in a decade, the snow finally arrives. So does long-time South Korean friend Jung-Eun Lee, who visits from Seoul and becomes our first houseguest since our arrival in the UK.


At the Falcon Inn in Painswick, ignoring the lure of the pub's main attraction (it's the site of the world's oldest bowling green, apparently) in favour of some slightly more freshly-brewed ale.


LET IT SNOW. Bristol doesn't get a whole lot of snow, even in the middle of Winter. Just when we thought that it was the end of the cold spell, along came a reminder of why Winter always looks good on postcards. I was happy to be able to walk to work as Laetitia's usual ten-minute drive turned into a 90-minute slushfest.  While even a dusting is enough to make some people  want to go out and buy a Volvo, the white stuff wasn't heavy enough to make us get our ski suits out. Pity - we'd enjoyed that the last time.

JULIE LEE VISITS. Just as the snow arrived, we said fond farewells to one of our best friends, Jung-Eun Lee, who'd been visiting us for a few days from Korea. We'd worked together in Seoul in the late 90s and have been in close touch since then. Refresh yourself on that part of our travels here. L and she are huge Jane Austen fans, so we spent most of one afternoon on a Jane Austen tour of Bath, at the end of which we discovered that our guide was the bearer of another famous name: Pickwick.


OUR VERY OWN TEA CEREMONY NOT YOUR AVERAGE CUPPA. Jung-Eun teaches English in Seoul, but also takes time to study traditional Korean cultural practices. One of them is the art of the tea ceremony. Many people have no idea that Korean culture was actually a very significant influence on the formation of Japan's, and you can see that in the shape of their traditional costume, the Hanbok. More on those here. Even though they're really bulky, she was nice enough to bring her own Hanbok over with her and performed the Korean tea ceremony for us in our flat.


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